(Founded By Rafael Alvarez On October 23, 2012)

Alvarez Metal Works is a Youtube content provider. My shop is not open to the public! I specialize in welding and fabrication videos however you’ll find videos on everything from automotive to residential related projects. You’ll even see some tool reviews and other projects I have going on around the shop. Please check out my Youtube channel.


About Me (Rafael Alvarez):

I am a retired professional photographer with a boat load of mechanical and artistic skills. I am creative by nature and always have been. As a small child I’d tear things apart just to see how they worked. I’d also build things in the back yard with whatever tools and material I had access too. That’s something that has never changed over the years. I see things that others have built and I feel the need to figure out how they did it. I see something that interests me and I dive in head first and teach myself how to do it. It’s just who I am and and how I’ve always been.

I’m the son of a mother that raised by older brother and myself on her own. We never had money so as a child you could always find me dreaming about how I could get the expensive things I always wanted. I’ve never been a flashy person but the toys I want and wanted have always been very expensive. As a child my biggest goal in live was to build cars and race cars. I still haven’t given up on that dream. I’m finally at a point where I’m building the cars but not quite ready to race them yet.

As a child I knew I always wanted to build a car from the ground up on my own. That means I needed to learn every skill necessary to do that. At this point in my life I can honestly say I feel I’m there. I’m close enough skill wise to make that dream happen. Matter of fact. At the point of me writing this section of my website I’m in the middle of two builds. Hopefully I’ll complete them soon haha.

I’m self taught because I couldn’t afford to pay for that education. I went to collage but that was for something completely unrelated to cars but has helped me self promote for years now. It’s helped me understand marketing and business and ultimately helped lead me to becoming a YouTube content provider. I don’t accept no as an answer when it comes to education. I believe if you want to learn it bad enough you’ll seek out the information you need to get your feet wet. That’s how I pushed myself into this lifestyle. I had to go get it because no one around me found interest in it nor was there any help afforded to me. You can’t let things like that hold you back.