Mar 11

High Power COB LED Lights – Unboxing & Review

Ok so first off let me say that I’m grading these on a curve. You can’t buy some LED lights for your car for the price these are being sold as and expect to much.

With that being said I’m really impressed with them and I’m happy with my buy. These do not project the light like an LED with a lens or a reflector will but they are very bright. I ordered two pairs for the roof rack I’m building for Project Pathfinder. These will be used on the back for backup lights. They are absolutely bright enough for that. With 4 of them it’s way brighter than any pair of DOT back up lights I’ve ever seen. That was the goal. I wanted these to light up dark trails while 4 wheeling so when I need to back up I can see trees and other things within the darkness of the woods. They are as simple as anyone could expect to install with the double sided tape. Because of the low amperage draw you can easily wire them into your existing lighting with out any issues of blowing fuses.

The down side is the wire gauge. The actual metal core in the wire is like thread it’s so small. This means if you mount this anywhere that requires the wire to move back and forth it could fatigue and fail on you. The wire could easily be pulled and broken too. So tuck them away nice and neat. I know it doesn’t need a larger wire for the amperage draw these have but from a wiring and handling perspective a heavier gauge wire would be awesome. But that would effect the price…

The build quality is what it is. It’s two wires going into an LED strip that is completely seal in some sort of rubber or silicone type material. Then the metal frame is most likely glued around it. I don’t know for sure how it’s attached. Again what do you expect for the price. The yellow LED is what I know many of you wonder about. We wanted a white light and don’t want to see this yellow thing. I get it lol. First off the yellow doesn’t see as bright in person. It seems a little more pale but that could also be my computer monitor settings. Also we’re talking about a yellow strip that is 5/16″ tall by 6.5″ wide. It’s not that big but it is notice able. It bothers me about as much as the amber lens on my tail lights bother me. However we all have our own perspective on that. If you get creative you can place these into a custom housing that has a frosted lens. It will defuse the light a little but they are so bright you’ll still get plenty of light out of them. If you use these as a dome light be ready to see everything very well in your car or truck. Once I put my role cage in my truck these may in fact be my new dome lights too. I really do like them and they could be used for so many different things. I may buy another set just so I can try and take them apart and see what else I can use them for.

If you want some bright low cost LEDs these are for you. Oh one last thing. You can power these with 120v power supply that converts to 12v. I tested mine with one that has an output of 12v @2.5amps and it worked fine. That means you could use these indoors to light up work benches or really anything you want. You just need to get a 12v power supply (get something 2nd had) and a switch. You can never have to many amps so don’t worry about that. Each of these has a 0.5 amp draw so just make sure you have enough amps at the power supply to power however many of these you want to power with that supply. Again if you have more amps that’s not a problem. With a 2.5 amp power supply I can safely power 4 of these lights. Technically you could power 5 of them but I’d give yourself a little cushion for save measure. There is no since in maxing out your power supply.

Click on this link if you are interested in buy these. Remember anything you buy on Amazon within 24 hours of clicking on this link helps me keep these videos coming. It’s just a click so help a guy out please lol.

Feb 11

Shop Update 1/29/14 – Info on Old and New Projects

So in this shop update I explain the end of Project CJ5 and the future projects and videos you can expect to see soon. I posted this late on my website so some of these projects I’m talking about have already stated. Check out the post that I’ve made on my website after 1/29/14.


Feb 11

7503 3M Welding Respirator – New Filters 2097

Trying out a new video feature on my new phone to shoot this video of my 7503 Welding respirator with 2097 filters. I just got new filters in the mail and I figured I’d shoot this video and tell you more about it. If you’re interested in this mask and filters check out the links below. If you’re working with metal a respirator of some sort is an absolute must. Even if you only do this as a hobby.

I’m using my Samsung Galaxy S4 to shoot this video. Love this thing so far.

3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 7503

3M 2097 P100 Particulate Filter with Organic Vapor Relief

Feb 11

Project Pathfinder Roof Rack – Part 1 (Design & Planning)

Ok so there is no actual work being done in this video. I decided to shoot a part of the process I used on some of my projects. This is the design and planning aspect of this build. This is a very important part of building quality products. When you draw up what you plan on building it let’s you avoid many (if not all) of the issues you may have while actually building stuff. When you draw it in detail you see these issues before it’s to late and change the design to avoid these issues. This way when it comes to building the process is much smoother and the final product will hopefully look great. Assuming you’re a good designer and fabricator haha. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video.

Oh one last thing. I’m using a program called 3DS Max made by Autodesk. This is the only 3D program I have to work with but is not a good manufacturing program. 3DS Max is targeted toward the gaming, animation, and motion graphics industry. It works to give me a visual idea of what I’m doing but it’s not anywhere near as good as Solidworks. It’s a great program but I’m using it for something it wasn’t designed to be used for. Check into Solidworks if you want something targeting the manufacturing industry.

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Woodward Fab – SPBENDKIT (Pipe/Tube Bending Kit)

3DS Max (by: Autodesk)

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